Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Of the Making of Books There is No End..."

Welcome to The Deacon's Library! I hope that you will find this site worth your time, your thoughts, your reflections, and that your life and diaconal ministry will be blessed as a result of being a part of this community.

The purpose of the TDL website and community is to identify and discuss publications that are helpful for Deacons in the Roman Catholic Church. Whether works of Theology, Biblical Studies, Apologetics, Ministry, Homiletics, or insights into popular culture, TDL aims to identify those works that could contribute to the intellectual and moral development of men serving in the Diaconate of the Catholic Church.

Our tone will be respectful of all, identify the strengths of a particular work and its applicability to parish ministry, and we will in all matters conduct our discourse with the charity that must needs be shown to anyone who has authored a text worth discussing. Guest reviewers are welcome, as they insure a particular breadth of choices for review; insights, comments, and personal reflection is the goal in our discussions.

That being said, we dedicate this website to the greater glory of God, for the benefit of the Holy Catholic Church, and for those who labor as deacons among her people. Soli Deo Gloria.

Rick Bauer